XSC2200 EuroGloss Urethane Clearcoat 5litre

XSC2200 EuroGloss Urethane Clearcoat 5litre
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  • Item #: XSC2200
  • Manufacturer: Xtreme Solutions
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Price $49.00
4 or more $44.99 each

An European Technology 2:1 acrylic urethane clearcoat designed for universal use. This is a mid-solids clear that works well in air dry or baking applications. Excellent gloss and durability. Easy buffing for superior finish. 

One of the most economical Euro Clear Kit with Superior Quality Under $100.

Available with Fast (XSA2250), Medium(XSA2260) and Slow(XSA2270) Activators in 2.5litre, sold seperately @ $49.00

Weight: 12.20 lbs.

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